Website Designers think about:


Website Developers think about:


Though you may think these terms are synonymous, website development skills and website design skills actually quite different, and both sets of skills will be required for your project – no matter how big or small.  This is why, on our team, we have both designers and developers that both specialize and work together.

A Website Designer:

A designer is primarily focussed on the marketing side of your website design: Do the colors match your logo? How is the layout? Is your logo too big or too small? Should it be aligned right or left? Should your menu be horizontal or vertical? What is the best background image to make your website stand out without distracting from the content? If it’s about how a website looks, then it’s the job of a designer.

 A Website Developer (or programmer):

A developer is primarily focussed on the function of the website.  Is it secure?  Is there code that needs to be written to change the function? can we reduce the code and increase the site speed?  Can users login and make changes, and how do those changes need to affect the rest of the site?

You need both:

Plenty of designers have some developing skills, and plenty of developers have some design skills, but don’t assume that because a designer made your website look good, that he or she also has the skills to setup  full-fledged back-end inventory management system to integrate with your point of sale… not necessarily the case!

Here are a few examples of where designers and developers can help:

Website Designers can help best with:

Advising on your website colors

Increasing your conversion rate (the percentage of people who visit your website and become clients.)

Adjusting your images to match your target audience

Recommendations about current trends and layouts

Where to put a new item on your sidebar

When your website looks too cluttered or too sparse

Creating a mobile version of your website for phone and tablet users

Website Developers can help best with:

Changing the function of your website (when I click this button, I want this to happen instead.)

Making it easier for you to make edits to your own content

Developing a database for you to store information, or process information (ie. Client registration, contact management, record keeping, online administration, logging hours.)

Increasing your site speed

Increasing your website security

Writing a new website program from scratch

Do you have a project that needs a team of website designers and developers?  Maybe you have an existing project that needs the specialty of one or there other.  Click here to find out how Fresh Idea Websites can help!

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