conversionWhat-the-slurpee is a conversion rate and why should you as a business owner care?

Well, a conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a certain action when visiting your site.  A ‘conversion’ could be requesting a quote, joining your mailing list, making an online purchase or downloading your ebook.  You get to determine what your goal is for conversion.  For every 100 people who visit your website, how many ‘convert’ to your target action?  This percentage is your conversion rate.

How do I increase my current conversion rate?

Exactly!  This is the question you need to be asking!  We often get asked “How do I get more people to visit my website?”, “How can I rank higher in Google?” or “How Do I get more people to click my links on Twitter?” but the real question, the real distilled goal of why we want more traffic, a higher Google ranking and more clicks from twitter is that we’re hoping with higher traffic, we’ll experience a higher quantity of conversions.

Don’t Be Fooled:

There’s a difference between seeing a higher quantity of conversions and seeing a higher conversion rate!  One month you have 200 people visit your site this month and there are 4 conversions, your conversion rate is 2%.  Next month you spend a bucket-load of advertising dollars and you have 1000 visitors and 20 conversions, you’ve increased your conversion quantity, but your conversion rate is still 2%.  Increasing your conversion rate is way more cost and time effective than driving a higher number of visitors to your site because you’re converting visitors you already have, rather than finding ways to bring in new visitors. Not to say there isn’t a place for higher traffic, but let’s consider tracking and increasing your conversion rate.

Ideas to track and increase your conversion rate:

  • Install Google Analytics in your website code.  This will tell you how many visitors you have, how they came to your website and how often they’ve completed your conversion.
  • Include in your conversion a way for users to let you know how they found your site.
  • Fresh-Idea-websites-logo-225Offer a way for users to let their friends know by email or Social Media that they completed your conversion process (ie. Thanks for downloading our ebook.  Click  to share this with your friends on facebook now!)
  • Put a button, link or image on every page of your website offering the visitor to make use of your conversion.  “Request a quote now”, “Find out more” and “Download Today” are common conversion tabs.
  • Post a link to your social media channels of a testimony from a client’s conversion. For example: “Thanks Fresh Idea!  I didn’t realize installing Google Analytics Conversion Tracking was so easy…” find out more:
  • Create a landing page where visitors first arrive, and offer them something in exchange for their conversion. “Sign up now to receive our free e-newsletter…” (be sure to offer a “Not Now” or “No Thanks” button out of courtesy.)
  • Refer to your conversion throughout the content of your website and on Social Media regularly.

If you’d like help with getting Google Analytics on your site, or with analyzing and discussing your current conversion rate, click here to connect with us:

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