Our Website Design Process:

Some of the most frequent questions we get are about our process.  How long does it take to design my new website? Will I get to see proofs during the process? How involved can I be in the design process? What if I’d like to see changes?

We’ve put together a general timeline of what to expect, whether we’re building you a new website, or refreshing a current website for you:


Request a Quote:

The first step in our design process is to complete this form, and request a quote.  Someone from our team will be in touch with you if we need clarification to provide you an accurate quote for your website service package: Click here to request a website design quote.


Framework – The building blocks of your website:

devices_128pxWeek 1-2: After discussing your marketing goals, target audience and the details of your quote request, we’ll help you choose the framework or template for your website design.  We have access libraries totalling over 150 wordpress templates, so you’ll have a rough idea of what your website will look like when it’s finished, before we even start.  

The templates will have some sample content in place so you can see how the menu functions, text sits and the images look within that framework.  You can see how we’ve customized these templates : our website design portfolio.

Now is also the time when we’re going to start to narrow down the items you’d like to appear in your menu – Often times clients have a firm idea on what they’d like, and other times, we’re offering our opinion on menu navigation ideas that have worked well in the past.


Content – How we tell your message:

devices_128pxWeek 3-4: The first proof you receive will be a mockup of your home page with your actual content.  Here is where we’ll tweak things like logo size, placement within the template, which Social Media icons to include or leave out, fonts and colors and some of the stock photography you’ll see in your website when you’re ready to launch.  

When you’re happy with the front page, we’ll move forward and add your website content (images and text) to the remaining pages.  Depending on your needs, either the final text content will be provided by you, or you can provide us some point forms about the content and we’ll flush it out in full version.  For most clients, there’s a combination of both.  You can provide your own images, plus you’ll have access to our stock image library with 21 millions pieces of media from graphics to photos to cartoons to icons.  


Get Ready to Launch – Refining your website details:

devices_128pxWeek 5-6: After your content is in place, design changes have been made to match your business colors and the menu navigation is setup, you’ll have a few weeks to look over the website, request any changes you’d like to see and give us the thumbs up.  We’ll setup your email address if you choose that service as part of your package, and work through setting them up on your desktop and smart phones.  

All of our service packages renew on the first of the month, so after you’ve given approval on your site, we’ll officially launch at the beginning of the following month.  Be sure to announce on your Facebook page, twitter feed and in your client email newsletter that your website has launched.  This will drive plenty of traffic to your website, remind your current clients of the products and services that you offer and help Google see that traffic is visiting your website.

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Moving Forward – Your Fresh Idea service package:

This is only the beginning of our business relationship. In the future as you need technical support for you website or email, changes to your design or content, security scans, regular website backups and answers to questions you have about your website, we’re here for you.  

We recommend making a change to something on your website at least every 90 days – this could be changing your hours, adding a special, adding new products or services, or even something as simple as changing your background color or image.  Your website visitors want to see things staying fresh on your website, and that’s why we’ve chosen to offer websites as a service rather than a one-and-done product.

Looking for a new website, or ready to refresh your current site? The first step is here:

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