Our founder, Adam McLaughlin, designed his first website in 2002.  More than a designer, Adam has always focussed on customer service, while building and maintaining client relationships.  Since 2011 when Adam switched his focus to go full-time with Fresh Idea, a team has developed and grown.  A team of Freshies willing to think outside the box, push boundaries and drink late-night 7-11 slurpees over brainstorming sessions.

A team that refuses to subject clients to the pitfalls and ‘norms’ of the web design industry. A team that insists that relationships are the foundation of our businesses, and that have found a way to make having a website and social media presence reasonable for any business.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Find out what our clients have to say about Fresh Idea:

We worked closely with Fresh Idea on every step of creating our website.  In the end, we had a website and Facebook/Twitter presence that’s consistent with our branding across all medias.  Because we’re just starting out, we don’t have a lot of extra capital to invest into a website, so Fresh Idea Websites’ service packages are just right for our business.

Dean Axiotis, vfib.ca

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