Why do we offer websites as a service?

Websites are no longer a bunch of html code uploaded to a server. ¬†Websites are a piece of online software, and just like software releases on your phone, tablet or computer, your website will require regular updates and maintenance to make sure it’s running at peak performance and security.

Here’s an example of the services we preformed in a recent month for our full client base. ¬† Imagine paying a designer a lump sum for your website and within 30 days needing to take care of these updates yourself, or pay your designer again to make the changes for you:

Number of hours setting up and trouble shooting client email accounts

Number of hours answering technical questions / marketing ideas with clients

Number of Hours in layout / Design changes, and content Updates (included for our clients in their service package)

Complete Website Backups to Secondary Servers

Number of new plugins installed to increase client's website functionality

Number of Core Software Updates to the Websites

Number of Security Updates (Updating Software Specifically for Security)

Number of Malicious visitors blocked for trying to decrypt login passwords

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