Here’s the trap a lot of web designers fall into: They think your business needs a website.  Here’s a worse trap: Business owners telling designers that they need a website. And THE WORST TRAP: I’m a business owner and I need a website, so I’ll build it myself.

Actually, what you probably need is:

• More Clients

• Clients who return more frequently

• More Profit

• Decreased Costs

• Better educated clients

• Valuable Information worth sharing

• Professional Credibility for visitors who search online

…and possibly a website is the key or the tool to getting what you actually need.

The problem is that most designers don’t ask what you really need.  They assume that you need a website, and start talking with your about horizontal or vertical menus, your choice of colors and where your logo will fit, without any retrospect on what has worked in achieving your goal.  After a few months, you realize your website isn’t gaining you any new clients, but you’ve paid your designer a lump sum and they thought they gave you exactly what you wanted.

The same happens with the Do-It-Yourself website builders.  So you pick a style you like, mix in some colors, and a year later, wonder why you’re not getting any new leads.

What we’d like to know is what do you really need?

If you need more clients, that will help us determine your design.  Maybe that means adding an email newsletter sign up on your home page, or featuring your monthly special as the first thing a new visitor sees.  Maybe it’s sharing great blog articles about your products, services or industry with others on Social Media channels.

With Fresh Idea Websites, we offer our websites as a service, so our goal is to help you get what you need, not just have a website.  We’re only profitable if in the long run you’re gaining the clients, or making more profit, or decreasing costs, or meeting your goals.  If we can make your website meet those goals, then we both win.

Let’s get started!

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