Driving-Traffic-to-your-website A common question we often get asked is “How do we drive more traffic to our website?”  This is a great question, and you’ve probably guessed the answer comes from properly using Social Media.

However, the answer to this question really comes in 2 parts, and so we’ve  broken it down for ease.  As always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on how this has worked for you, or if there’s something that’s not mentioned that you’d like to contribute, please leave a comment below.

Part 1: Social Media is the greatest and most effective traffic generator.

A few ways to generate more traffic for your website:

  • Create a blog on your website, then promote and  link your blog using Social Media.  For Example: “There’s a new law affecting our industry.  Click here to find out how it affects you as our customer: www.example.com/blog” OR “We’d like to introduce the newest member of our staff: www.example.com/blog
  • When offering promotions or deals, link the full details to your website, rather than giving all of the details on Social Media. For Example: “XYZ Widget is half off!  Print your coupon here: www.example.com/coupon
  • Use your the customization tools available on Social Media to link to your website when possible:


The 3 links on our facebook page are “Our Portfolio”, “Book your Free Consultation” and “About Us.”  These link straight to our website and can be used by any user visiting our facebook page.  We don’t have to convince them to type something into their browser, or hope they get the web address correct, they simply click from facebook and the information is at their fingertips.

  • Watch what other users are saying on their Social Media Channels.  Create conversations and join in on discussions.  Offer your services when applicable, and refer to your website for more details.  Visit their website, then make a comment on their social media channel to let them you know you did.

Part 2: Is “How Do we Drive More Traffic to our site?” even the right question?

In our experience, this is often the wrong question, because the real question usually is “How do we gain more customers / earn more profit / build our mailing list / generate more leads with our website?” or what’s called a conversion: Converting visitors to take a certain action and become clients.

The missing link to this puzzle is often thinking that more traffic automatically means more leads.  For example, if you average 200 visitors a month, and 4 people fill out the “Request A Quote” form, then 2 % of new visitors to your website are converting.  The thought is, if you can increase your traffic from 200 visitors a month to 1000 visitors a month, then with the same 2% conversion, we should see 20 people filling out the “Request A Quote” form, and while this logic and math is likely accurate, increasing your conversion rate is often more cost and time effective than driving a higher number of visitors to your site.   Read our article below on increasing your conversion rate on your website!

How to increase your website’s conversion rate.


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