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Selling your business? You need a website!

Selling your business? You need a website!

"Our Business is doing great without a website, so why should we invest in having a website?"We're seeing this quite often right now.  You're a baby-boomer who owns a business; maybe something passed on by your parents or something you built with your own sweat...

Website Function Trends for 2015

Nothing is for sure, and there's much more to be said about trending website designs in 2015, but here are 10 functions your website can't do without in 2015!BloggingPeople check online not just to see what their friends are up to but also for information or...

Why do websites get hacked?

Well, first off, I'm not a hacker, so the ideas here are just those; ideas.  In some ways, hackers are the graffiti artists of the online world - some do it for 'art', some do it to deface property, some do it to make a political statement, and depending on timing and...

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