So what’s the difference between Branding, Marketing and Advertising, and where does your business start?

WizardOfOzHere’s what has to say:

Branding: Distinguishing by a distinctive characteristic.

Marketing: The total activities involved in the transfer of a product from the seller to the consumer.

Advertising: Calling public attention to a product or service.

Seems simple, but often businesses attempt to have one without the other…


So you’re ready to think about how Branding, Marketing and Advertising affect your business, but you’re not sure where to start.

1) Start with Branding: figure out what distinguishes you from your competitors.  Are you the friendliest?  Most professional?  Family-Oriented?  Most Luxurious? Quickest?  Least expensive?  Cheapest?  (Yes, there’s a difference between cheapest and least expensive…). Your Branding and your target market go hand in hand.  As yourself what is your ideal client, and what are they looking for?


2) Move to Marketing: How will your customer experience your branding?  If you’re the least expensive, you may have competitor’s ads posted on your website showing your prices are less.  If you’re family-oriented, it may mean you have a kids play area in your show room. If you’re the most luxurious, it may mean you don’t negotiate on your prices.


Marketing isn’t just about advertising or branding, but about how customers experience your branding, or the story you’d like them to tell when they refer your business. Everything from how they meet you to the invoice and follow up. Marketing is the glue that holds your business together, and generates a story to tell a referral.

Marketing is the reason that word-of-mouth exists.


3) Advertising: Letting the public know who you are (Branding) what you do (Marketing) and what you have to offer (Advertising products and services).
Think about these slogans (Advertisements) and what they say about a company’s branding and marketing:

Swiss Chalet: “Always so good for so little.”

IKEA: “Any room can be beautiful.”

Burger King: “Have it your way.”

BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Is your business clear and complete in it’s Branding, Marketing and Advertising and how that relates to your Website and Social Media?  Would you like to meet your full potential?

We’d love to speak with you about how Fresh Idea can help you brand, market and advertise your business.


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