Advertising is getting the word out about your Branding and Marketing while letting clients know about your products and services.

Advertising is probably what most people understand as promoting your business (usually something you’ve paid for).

Not sure where to start? Find a giant in your industry and evaluate their approach.

An example: I’ve received countless menus in the mail from local restaurants… usually takeout.  I don’t remember McDonalds ever sending out a flyer that listed all of their menu items, however, this is how many local restaurants choose to advertise…

Side Note: I often decide right away the restaurants I will or won’t try because of the takeout menu (not the items on the menu, but the print quality, paper, distribution method, etc… yep, this is all marketing). Anyway…

Every successful piece of advertising needs 3 components:

1) Is your branding obvious? (We can deliver today / Best Selection in town / Most Experienced in the industry, etc.)  Sometimes this can be done with an image instead of words.

2) What’s in it for the customer? (Limited time offer, Use the coupon attached for a discount, Unique product that can’t be duplicated, limited stock, etc.)

3) How should the customer respond? (Call today, visit us in store, sign up on our website, join our newsletter, likes us on Facebook, etc.)

Remember that your advertising is a form of marketing.  The medium you choose (radio, billboard, flyer, etc.) and how you present that information will build an impression for the potential new customer about your branding.

How are you advertising to inform potential clients about your brand?

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