Much can be said for Branding, Marketing and Advertising, and I think the worst mistake we can make is assuming these are all the same. Here’s how I see it:

Branding: What makes your business or organization unique in your industry?  (Why would someone drive past the competition to deal with you?)

Marketing: How do your customers clearly get a picture of what makes your business unique? (When someone walks away from your business, they know what your branding is without you having to tell them)

Advertising: How do you let potential customers know that by becoming a customer, they’ll get to experience what makes your business unique?

We’ll look at all 3 during Fresh Fridays in January, but this week, consider what makes your business unique, or how you want to be unique – this is the foundation: Branding.

Are you the fastest? Most thorough?  Most knowledgable? Highest Quality? Least expensive? Best geographic location? Different business model?

What makes your business or organization unique?

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