Why Go Mobile?

We get tons of questions about mobile devices, but we’ve put together answers for some of the most popular questions we get:

  • Side-by-Side-iPhonesWhy do I need a mobile version of my website?
  • Would the mobile version have the same information as my desktop website?
  • What’s the difference between Mobile and Responsive?

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to discuss if a mobile site is right for your business.

Why do I need a mobile version of my website?

Mouse clicks on a desktop are a much smaller screen percentage than finger clicks on a mobile device.  Make your website easy to navigate for the 40% of visitors who are visiting on a mobile device.


Will my mobile version have the same information as my desktop version?

Studies show that mobile visitors are often looking for different information from desktop visitors.  For a restaurant for instance, your desktop site home page may have a brief history of your restaurant or information about your style and quality of ingredients.  For someone visiting on mobile, they want your Phone Number, Hours, Location and Menu on the front page.

If your business is a golf course, you may want to include booking tee times as well as contact information on your front page.


What’s the difference between a Responsive Site and a Mobile Site?

woodstockbusinessawardsA responsive site is a single website that detects browser size and reorganizes the layout of every page’s information to fit within that browser.  A mobile site is completely separate from the desktop site, still recognizing the device being used, your website will then pull up the appropriate site to match the device.

Some website designers will tell you that responsive is always the way to go, while others will tell you that a separate mobile site is always the way to go.  We don’t make generalizations and pretend they apply to every business. We’d rather speak with you about what may best suit your industry and goals.

We’d be happy to speak with you about whether responsive or mobile is right for your business.

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