Don’t Click Here

Really?  You can click anywhere else on our website, and you clicked here?  Since you’re here, you should know the following information is not for the faint of heart.  Consider yourself warned!

So, here’s what we know about you:

1) You’re not interested in following the rules.

2) You’re too curious to play it safe.

3) Maybe you thought the button said “Donut: Click Here.” (in which case, we can’t help you…)


If you fall into category 1 or 2, you’re in good company with us!

We’re hoping you’re not interested in playing by the rules and you’re too curious to playing it safe.  That’s why we created Fresh Idea.  We saw a need for small businesses to have an online presence, through a website and through Social Media.  Cost is a big factor for small business, so we wanted to offer an opportunity to get online without the thousands of dollars the industry says you need to pour into a website.


Truth: We Lose Money every time we sell a website…

Told you this isn’t for the faint of heart… If you’re not already clicking in, we haven’t developed a magic formula that lets us design websites starting at $19.99/month and host it and customize it to your needs, and give you the opportunity to log in and make changes as you’d like plus give you outstanding service and regular updates to your design/layout/content and make money at the same time… well, at least not right away.  This is where we play against the rules, by taking a loss and investing in your business to prove that in the long run, we’ll hold up our end of the deal.


Yep, we use templates.

Let’s put it this way, when was the last time you went to buy a car and purchased one that every nut and bolt was built by hand for you?  When was the last time you needed a new fridge and were able to specify the diameter of the feet or request the door color matches your wall color?  Can you imagine what the cost of that would be?

That’s how we can offer your website at a price and timeline that can’t be touched by designers who code from scratch.  Your website will still be customized to match your needs, branding, colors and logo, but our extensive template library gives us the opportunity to give us both a starting point and an idea of your end product from the beginning.


Common Question: Who Owns the Website?

The website is the property of Fresh Idea, and our service plan acts like a ‘lease’ where we maintain and service.  With that in mind we can offer a low monthly fee rather than a large up-front sum, but with the benefits of ongoing maintenance, hosting, technical support and input from our creative team.  It’s like leasing a vehicle or building for your business rather than the upfront cost of purchasing.


We only win when we create an ongoing relationship with you.

The math is pretty straight forward.  We only make profitable returns on your account in the long term.  Depending on the account, it’s somewhere in the 12-18 month range.  For the first 12-18 months, we’re investing in your business and proving to you that we deserve your trust as a client, and that we’re willing to keep up our end of the bargain with your regular updates to keep your website FRESH, cutting edge design and offering strategies to help you achieve your goals online.


Let us invest in your business.

We offer custom and complimentary website consultations, for your busines to be sure we’re meeting your needs exactly.  We don’t have set package pricing since every business is unique.  Service Packages start at $19.99/month, but can grow to suit the needs of your business (Average packages for Website and Social Media are between $100-$300/month).  Let us invest in your business and prove to you that our strategies for keeping your online presence fresh will work for you.

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