UPDATED FOR iOS v11   (Any iPhone or iPad)

On the home screen of your phone, choose Settings.then choose Passwords & Accounts
choose Add Account
choose Exchange.
Enter your email address, and add a description of the account you are setting up. Then, choose Next.
NOTE: The device verifies the account. If you receive a message to Sign in to Microsoft, choose “Configure manually”.
Enter the Password as provided by FreshIdea, then choose Next
NOTE: If the device displays an error, choose ‘Details”
On the server settings page, enter the following information if it is not already present:
Email – Enter your email address as provided by FreshIdea
Server – Enter m.mullersys.net
Domain – Leave this field blank.
Username – Enter your user name as provided by FreshIdea
Password – Enter your email account password as provided by Freshidea (NOTE: Email passwords cannot be changed in the first 24 hrs. Please wait at least 24 hrs before trying to change your password)

Description – Enter a description of the account that you are setting up. This can be anything that helps you identify your account.
choose Next.

Your device creates a secure (SSL) connection to the Exchange server. When the device is connected, check marks appear confirming that your settings have been verified.

Select the services that you want to sync with the Exchange Server by swiping the ON/OFF buttons next to each service. choose Save when you are done.

You have successfully added your Exchange email account on your iOS device.

Note: Depending on how much data is in the mailbox, it might take some time before your information is completely downloaded to your device.

Desktop/Laptop local email clients (MacMail, Outlook etc)

We recommend using IMAP vs POP3 so that actions such as reading, deleting or replying will be reflected on both your local email client and the email server. POP3 does not coordinate with the email server, so future email downloads will show all messages as unread.

Username: enter your email address as provided by FreshIdea
Password: enter your email password as provided by FreshIdea
Incoming Server: Enter m.mullersys.net
IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 110

Outgoing Server: Enter m.mullersys.net
SMTP Port: 587

Does require Authentication, but do NOT check Requires Secure Connection

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